PowerPack is an addon module to the Punch!CAD products that extends the standard functionality of ViaCAD and Shark with tools for 3D printing, mesh verification and repair, and conversion of meshes to precise solids (analytics/NURBS).

Power Pack Documentation

3D Printing Tools
3D Print Check
Preview Slices
Overhang Analysis
Wall Thickness
Surface Normals Check

Assorted Colors
Preview Layers
Change File Units
Show Only By Name

Spell Check

Mesh Tools
Part Analysis
Auto Repair
Show Free Edges
Reduce Triangles
Convert To Quads

Coordinate Compare (Pro Only)
Align Mesh to Part (Pro Only)
Convert Mesh to Analytic (Pro Only)
Convert Mesh to NURB (Pro Only)

PowerPack comes in two configurations: PowerPack and PowerPack Pro.

General utilities to manage CAD entities along with tools to validate and repair mesh objects for 3D Printing.
Quickly color, layer, and preview files
Slice and preview meshes
• Spell Check text and dimensions
• Mesh Analysis (degenerative facets, areas, volumes)
• Show Free edges
• Simple Close Hole
• Separate, Combine, Weld, Compact Meshes

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PowerPack Pro
The Pro configuration includes all the features in standard plus:
Conversion from general mesh to analytic solids
Convert from quad meshes to NURBs surface or solids
• Precise coordinate comparison between mesh and NURBS
• Alignment tools between mesh and NURBs

Profile repair and validate

Video: Mesh To NURB Solid + Features
Demonstrates the creation of a piggy bank using a variety of PowerPack tools. The design starts from a quad mesh that is converted into a precise NURB solid. Downstream modeling operations such as shelling, splitting, booleans, and blending are then added to achieve the final design.

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