• 64 Bit PC
• Custom Right Button
• Gripper At Selected
• New Selection Options
• Recall Backups
• Copy Keep Original Layer

2D Design & Drafting
• New Draw View Type
• Updated Bill of Materials
• Draw View Layers
• Zoom in Draw View
• Pan in Draw View
• Repair Curves

• KeyShot Live Linking
• Infinite Plane
• Rapid Render Wood
• Faster Display
• Updated Interop Kernel
• 3D PDF
• Multithreaded Translators
• SketchUp 2016 Import & Export
• SAB Export
• STL Updates
• Updated DWG SDK
3D Design
• Updated Modeling Kernel
• 3D Print Tools
• Magnet Tool
• Mesh Tools
• Mesh Symmetry
• Pock Hole Feature

• Unroll
• Image to 3D Mesh
• Select Same

Updated Modeling Kernel

The core of ViaCAD is driven by the ACIS solid modeling geometry engine from Dassault Systems. ACIS is a robust modeling engine that supports wireframe, surface/NURB, solids, direct face editing, and numerous feature operations such as booleans, blends, shells, and warping. ViaCAD 10 updates the underlying modeling engine by two major releases with improvements in the following areas:

• Multithreading of key features
• Booleans
• Constant and Variable Radius Blends
• Direct Face Operations (used for Push/Pull in ViaCAD)
• Shelling
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3D Print Tools

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ViaCAD now includes an integrated collection of tools to verify your designs are ready for 3D Printing with tools such as:

• Surface Orientation
• Overhangs
• Slice Layer Previews
• Position and Align
• Support Structure Creation

Magnet Tool

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The new Magnet Tool is used to quickly snap one part to another. The part is moved from its current location, orientated, and centered within the selected face.

Video: Using the Magnet Tool

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Mesh Tools

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The Mesh tool palette now includes the following four new tools for creating and manipulating mesh data.

• Cylinder
• Add Loop
• Bridge
• Inset

Mesh Symmetry

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Mesh Symmetry is an option that allows modification of vertices, edges, and facets of a mesh object through a symmetry plane.

Video : Mesh Symmetry

Wood Working : Pocket Hole Feature

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The Wood Working tool palette has a new option for Pocket Holes.

Video: Pocket Hole

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