What's New in 9

Overview of the new features introduced in ViaCAD Pro 9 that include:
• Quad mesh & subdivision tools
• Woodworking joints
• 3D arrays

Woodworking Overview

Demonstration of the woodworking features that include:
• Dado
• Miter
• Tongue and Groove
• Rabbet

Architectural Tools

3D attributes for walls, doors, and windows. Three new tools were also added that allow you to quickly create 3D walls, slabs, and hip roofs.

Export to Adobe Illustrator

Abobe Illustrator is a popular vector based graphics application. This video shows how to take a 3D part and convert the data into 2D vectors and export into the Adobe Illustrator file format.

Custom Logo

Shows how to create a custom logo with ViaCAD Pro using decals.


ViaCAD Overview

ViaCAD overview including:
• LogiCursor
• Drafting commands
• Solids from profiles