ViaCAD 2D3D : Convert To Solid

At $99, ViaCAD has some surprising horsepower. In this video, a STL file of a snowflake is converted into a precise solid and personalized with modeling operations such as shell and protrusions.

Defeature Part

Demonstrates how to use the direct editing tools of ViaCAD to remove features from a part:
• Delete Face from Local Operations Palette
• Deep Select and Delete Key For Fast Remove


The Push/Pull tool searches for closed 2D regions and allows you to dynamically extrude the region into 3D.  You can also move the cursor over existing faces to add or remove material.   An additional feature allows you to sketch curves onto faces, which will enable you to move new regions.

Modeling a Bolt

This tutorial demonstrates how you can use ViaCAD Pro to create a bolt. Tools demonstrated include :

  • Extrude

  • Sweep Along Path

  • Protrusion

  • Intersection Boolean

  • Model To Sheet for a 2D Drawing

2D to 3D Associativity

This demonstration shows how to construct a 3D frame from a 2D profile. Additionally, this video demonstrates some simple associativity between the 2D geometry and the 3D solids facilitating rapid modifications.

Solid Modeling Blend/Fillet

ViaCAD and Shark use the Dassualt/Spatial modeling kernel which provides support for excellent blending features. Check out some of the challenging blends ViaCAD and Shark can tackle in this video.

Push Pull Arbitrary Orientations

This video tip demonstrates setting the work plane to pull arbitrary shapes into 3D solids.

Hole Cutouts

Shows how the recently updated Cutout Tool can be used to quickly create hole patterns.