Image To 3D Mesh : Horse

Demonstrates converting an image into a 3D model suitable for extrusions and projections with ViaCAD 10.

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Image To Mesh : Brick Wall

Uses the Image to Mesh tool in PowerPack to convert a 2D brick wall into 3D.

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Unroll Surface

PowerPack 10 introduces an Unfold tool for developable surfaces. The result is a flattened surface in the XY plane.

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Feature Select: Select Same

Introduced in PowerPack 10, the Select Same tool allows designers to select by attributes such as shape, color, type, and font. The video demonstrates creating a Bill of Materials using the Shape option.

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Feature Select: Defeaturing

Demonstrates the Feature Select tools useful for defeaturing a part.

Video shows importing a STEP file with a part solid containing a variety of features. The blends, protrusions, and cutouts are removed using PowerPack : Feature Selections.


Free Edges

Demonstrates how the PowerPack : Show Free Edges tool is used to add surfaces and stitch into a solid for later shelling.

Flip Facet

The orientation of facets is important when converting subdivision meshes to NURBs. In this video we use the Flip One Normal tool in PowerPack to identify and fix flipped normals. Once corrected we convert into a surface and thicken into a solid.

Simplify Profile

Demonstrates the simplify profile tool of PowerPack for a wing



One of the 3D Printing tools introduced into PowerPack LT is Auto Position and Pack. The Auto Position tool will either align a selected facet normal to the z-axis or optimally pack a collection of parts onto a print platform.

Add Structure

PowerPack LT has a tool to manually add and edit support structures.
--Manually adds support (no auto support) --Change attach radius, mid radius, base radius, base thickness --Drag base and elbow