Getting Started

This video introduces the key components of the ViaCAD user interface. Features such as the prompt window, tool tips, names, and help are explained.


The Gripper

This feature provides an intuitive graphical widget that attaches to your objects allowing you to dynamically move, rotate, and scale objects in 2D or 3D. In addition to freely moving parts around, the gripper provides a data entry field to precisely move, rotate, and scale parts.

Custom Tool Palettes

Create palettes using your favorite combination of tools. Use this new feature to customize ViaCAD Pro for your specific workflow process. Drag and drop your favorite tools to a custom palette where you specify the icon size, mxn arrangement, and orientation.

Direct Edit with The Gripper

The Gripper features have been extended with V8 to allow direct editing of faces.  Direct face editing includes translate, rotate, and scale of faces.  Additionally, you can  now create arrays of faces using the Gripper.

Select Deep Tool

This video reviews the many uses of the Select Deep tool including:
—Delete solid faces
—Delete mesh elements
—Delete points from polyglines or splines
—Delete elements from a group
—Move faces and elements in a group


Using WorkPlanes with Part Faces

Demonstrates how to use a WorkPlane to construct geometry on a tilted face of a part.


Go To 2D Mode

Demonstrates using the GoTo2D mode to create sketch geometry in an arbitrary plane.
—Create four lines in plane of face for sketch
—Select lines and GoTo2D
—Perform 2D drafting operations
—Exit GoTo2D
—Use sketch to create solid modeling operations